Sunday, August 15, 2010

The best thing about McDonald's

Okay, the lady went nuts. It happens. The drive-up window is blood-smeared and shattered; the worker likely shaken and wondering if it's too late to enroll in x-ray tech courses at the local community college. The best thing occurs at the end of the video when the next car in line pulls up like nothing happened. "Hey, does this mean my Sausage McMuffin isn't ready?"

The kicker is that he probably got it with no delay. Ya gotta love McDonald's.


Nescio said...

You may remember me, you once commented on one of my posts. As you suggested I am playing with the lay-out of the blog, can't get it really the way I want. Could I bother you to take a look and if possible make some suggestions to improve readability?

Thanks :)

Tony said...

Nescio, yes I like the new layout-- the previous colors were too hard to read. I've been reading on occasion.

Christopher said...

That McD video was CRAZY!! That chick was pretty tough to keep having her fingers slammed in the glass. I know where I'm going for lunch today.

Nescio said...

Thanks for the thumbs up. Feel free to make any suggestion to improve my rantings (both lay-out and content, if you find the latter interesting)

Anyway, I will also once in a while come here and read your posts. Like the ones I read sofar