Saturday, August 14, 2010

Links to Drink By and Quick Thoughts

Three million jobs are unfilled; Contributing factors: "Skills mismatch", a euphemism for lack of training, and decreased worker mobility due to the poor housing market. Obviously we have more pain to endure.

Is there an Islamic Reformation coming? Reza Aslan: "we have to be careful not to confuse social traditions…with the religion itself." Would the Ground Zero "Mosque" aid or hinder such a reformation? Personally, I think all this oldworld theism crap is outworn and fraught with conflict, but I'm afraid it's here to stay so we should find ways for all the kids to play nice in the sandbox.

Will we ever catch Osama bin Laden? For the sake of review, let's re-read bin Laden's gripes against the US. No question he's a criminal, but when I read this I ask, would we have tolerated, say, the USSR with an occupying force in the US, supporting insurrection and upheaval in our society? The political gripes may have some validity, while the solutions he chooses are obviously counter-productive... and my tribal allegiances are geographically and culturally set.

Should the high income earners be asked to pay more? If not, then how do we pay our debts?

Do we really need whiney progeny from the mentally deficient political elite in the public sphere? Can anything of value come form this ass-hat running for office?

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