Sunday, August 22, 2010

Links to Drink By: So much negative news... must mean something good is about to happen!!!

Only Tony Blair has a worse legacy than George W. Bush.

Increasing Antarctic sea ice is consistent with global warming thesis.

Eventually we will need to increase the gas/oil consumption taxes.

Is the "Mosque" kerfuffle actually a demonstration of our tolerance? (I don't buy it.)

Wiki-leaks' Julian Assange is an alleged rapist-- or not. Something is very strange about this affair.

Is Tiger Woods Finished?

Mom and Pop investors are leaving the stock market...

...even Fortune Mag is losing their shit...

... as domestic LEI's portend sluggish US growth.

Yet Caterpillar (CAT) sees economic strength...

... from strong Asian economic growth in this cycle...

..thus, materials on the long side makes sense.

Pat Tillman bio-flick is out. See how your government lies to its heroes' family; but reviewer calls film fair to both sides.

Israel banging the war tom-tom (again).

Keyne's biographer says he would call for more regulation and stimulus. (Duh.)

Good News: AIG paying back some (tiny amount of) TARP.

Ozzie Guillen not happy with his White Sox.

Regardless, I still like my Sox:

(No, that is not me.)

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