Friday, October 31, 2008

The Election 2008 Greatest Hits

In no particular order, let's re-visit the campaign trail in this last weekend of the silly season.

I grew up in a big-ass city, I have worked in medium and small towns, and I would like to be on record saying that no particular locale holds a monopoly on patriotism. Great Americans live everywhere in this wonderful country.

Contrast this with the infamous Obama comments about folks "clinging to guns and religion":

In context, Senator Obama's point shows compassion for small town people who have lost jobs and whose tax base is dwindling, and I can attest that some folks in small towns do indeed, in these hard times, revert back to extolling the virtues of religion, Remingtons and redemption. Palin's remarks are too cute and too divisive for me. I get the impression she has no clue what goes on in those big-ass cities that are full of a lot of very patriotic Americans who fight in wars, suffer and pay taxes just like all those folks in small towns.

One turning point in the general election campaign was Colin Powell's endorsement of Brack Obama, but more importantly, the reasons cited:

Added to General Powell is Ronald Reagan's chief of staff, Ken Duberstein:

"...even at McDonald's you're not hired after one interview..." Ouch. Et tu, Larry Eagleburger: "Sarah Palin ready? Of course not."

Ah yes, and who could forget the wonderful "when Putin rears his head" comment?:

Brings back the old days, huh?

Then, of course, we have John McCain's role model.

What is it about Joe? The lack of an actual plumber's license? The delinquent taxes? The pending country record deal? What. What makes him a role model? You cannot make this stuff up.

Alright, I know candidates misspeak, Geez they must make a zillion speeches after all:

And how is Gov. Palin supposed to know that the Phillies are hated *HAY-ted* in Western Pennsylvania-- oh well, a few boos have become de rigeur for a Palin rally:

Which brings us to my personal favorite. Senator John S. McCain addressing a rally of his supporters with this eery appellation:

Whoa. Look, I'm as respectful of the good Senator as anybody, and even though I may think he is too old and too angry and too neo-connish to be president, I am the first to give him his props. But, good Lord, I don't want to get all Sigmund Freud here or anything, but how much pain is coursing through this guy's noggin' to spit out verbage in this particular order at this particular time?

Have fun at the polls!

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