Friday, October 24, 2008

Elizabeth Hasselbeck

I don't usually watch The View, but with a morning off, rainy day and the stock market too depressing to watch...

Two observations:

The comedians: Whoopi Goldberg is smart.. and wise.  Behar is more abrasive, but I like her passion.

The blonde chick: The reason Elisabeth Hassleback is confident enough to give her opinions is that over the years people have listened to her because she is good looking.  If she were ugly, people would have ignored her, she would have maybe read a book or something and perhaps she would be smarter.  Wow, she is really a dumb girl.

Okay, now back to CNBC, or better yet, maybe I'll re-read some of the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius.


antipundit said...

But, she's so hot - mmmm, I want a Hasselbeck/Palin sandwich. Mouth-wateringly good. You betcha'. Also.

Kris said...

Don't you think that is done on purpose? I mean why would ABC want to give air-time to an intelligent, articulate, conservative woman. If they did that then Joy and Whoopi wouldn't always have the upper hand.

delilah said...

I think Hasselbeck and Palin are two of a kind -- ignorant, small-minded, vapid fools who look good and have taken advantage of the benefits of self-presentation. I have no problem with presenting well - as a woman, i believe in looking good. But there has to be something below the surface when you get beyond the well-groomed hair and pretty clothes... In their cases, there is a great deal of empty space in their brains. In lieu of intellectual prowess lies an extensive amount of confidence. And therein lies the problem -- a lethal combination of stupidity and confidence. In essence, they are like George Bush in drag.

Tony said...

I would agree with Kris, and that is why i hesitated somewhat blogging about this item, but now I read that Palin has asked Hasselback to campaign for her!!

Delilah is correct, Palin and Hasselback are out of the Bush mold: they have that lethal combo of hubris and ignorance.

Tony said... for antipundit, I can always count on you to lower the political discourse. Thanks.