Friday, October 24, 2008

"I'm focusing on Barack Obama..."

"...and the people he is associating with, and I'm very worried." 

Yeah, so "worried" that the stupid smirk never leaves her face.

Nut.    Job. 

She needs to go back to Minnesota and leave the governing to people without mental illness.

I have never before sent money to a candidate for whom I could not vote, until now. Her opponent is Elwyn Tinklenberg and he got my contribution. Bachmann was once comfortably in the lead, now it's a dead heat.

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delilah said...

I sent $ to Tinklenberg as well for the same reasons: Bachman in a wackjob and must be sent home in disgrace. I see that he's extending a small lead over the crazy McCarthyist lady... let's hope the lead is sustained on election day.

On another note, I give to candidates in other states and districts at times because, in the end, the big votes in Congress will affect the entire country and possibly the world. I am glad that even though I live in Texas, I gave to Webb, Tester and McClaskill in 2006 and so, in some small measure, may have contributed to the Democratic takeover of the Senate. And frankly, it was nice to root for these three "new" Democratic types with common sense and spines!