Friday, October 03, 2008

More Intelligent? Biden 52% to Palin 26%

This is America, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but according to CNN:

...26 percent of those surveyed said that Palin was more intelligent in the debate, compared with 57 percent who chose Biden, according to the poll of 611 adult Americans who tuned in to watch it. 

There may be many very good reasons to prefer Sarah Palin over Joe Biden as Vice-President.  Just because nobody I've met and nothing I've read or seen has ever convinced me of a valid reason does not mean than one doesn't exist.  Perhaps Palin has some stance on an issue or two to which you hold dear.  Perhaps Joe Biden is vile and holds views to which you disagree.  Palin is certainly eligible to be Vice-president and there is definitely a distinct difference between the candidates.  All this I understand.

But how can 152 people (26%) watch that debate last night and come away thinking Palin was more intelligent than Joe Biden?  Huh?   Maybe like Palin, these viewers forgot to turn the sound up on their TV.  More intelligent?  Really?  

This is THE story of the debate.

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anonymous said...

Hate to say it -- but we have a baseline of jackasses in this country that numbers just about 26 percent. Why do I say this? Because we have Bush with 26 percent approval ratings and we see a similar percentage thinking that empty-headed lightweight actually beat Biden in the intelligence department. I can only conclude that a rough quarter of people are likely to be ignorant idiots and fools.