Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hasselbeck and Palin, the joke's on them

I was feeling a little guilty blogging about Elisabeth Hasselbeck from "The View" last week because she is after all a mere concoction of the liberal media, and Kris justifiably called me out on it.  The View is a show contrived as a platform for Goldberg, Behar and Barbara Walters to spew their anti-Bush venom-- even I can understand that principle.  The same thing is done on Fox News with Sean Hannity; a show was created around him and they needed a caricature of a liberal dolt to plug in as his foil, and voila, Alan Colmes has a job.

I felt bad piling on Hasselbeck who I thought did not represesent the McCain-Palin campaign in any way, like I was taking a pot shot at an easy mark with no connection to the presidential debate.  How can the Republican ticket help who Walters hires as eye candy to take the other side on her show?  

But then today I see none other than Elisabeth Hasselbeck stumping for Sarah Palin!!

So now I feel completely vindicated.  I guess Governor Palin did not get the memo that Hasselbeck is a creation of the liberal media, formulated only to make the Republican cause appear vapid and bankrupt.  No, Palin apparently accepts Hasselbeck as someone with the gravitas to introduce her at a campaign rally... why?  Because of Hasselbeck's stunning intellect? Probably not.  Her worldy wise experience?  Hardly.  Her blue-collar persona ala Joe the (fake) Plumber?  Nope.  Her cute turned up nose, perky smile and celebrity status? BINGO!

This lethal combination of hubris and ignorance present in these two hotties has no shame.   Two ditzy cheerleaders who, like Bush, actually think that they are illuminating us with their shining wisdom, when in actuality their achievements have nothing to do with talent or ability. Hasselbeck was created to make Republicans look superficial and, as if on cue, the beauty pageant contestant turned Republican Vice-Presidential nominee takes the bait!   And with absolutely no hint of irony.  Heck, even Paris Hilton is smart enough not to take herself seriously.

Palin appears on Saturday Night Live and serves as the butt of their jokes, now she is bringing Hasselbeck, another joke perpetrated on the right wing, right into her own campaign.   Such blatant pursuit for publicity-- any publicity at all-- even to the point of enduring churlish insults and accepting insipid sycophancy, is frankly unbecoming a candidate for national office and seems to be intended as a substitute for the lack of valid endorsements by serious leaders.

Did I miss Alan Colmes introducing Joe Biden somewhere?

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