Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Why is Obama Scary?

OK, I give up.  I have watched every debate and have seen the candidates in action for what seems like my entire adult life (is every campaign this long?), and I just don't get it.  What is the deal with this meme that Obama is scary?

I've heard it in passing from a lot of people who then back-track and change the subject.  I need to know.  What is so fucking "scary" about this guy????  

This is how the conversation goes:

They:  What do you think of the election?

Me: You don't want to know.  But if you do really want to know, then read my website: Kalamazoopost DOT blogspot DOT com; it's all there.

They:  I dunno who I like.  I'm undecided.  (Which usually means they are voting for McCain but don't want to admit it.)

Me:  Really?  You're undecided?  (Thinking: how the hell can anyone be undecided at this point!!??)  Well, what do you like about McCain?

They: I dunno.  I guess my problem is that Obama scares me.

Me: Scares you?  How so?

They:  I dunno. I guess it's his....  lack of experience.... or something.

Me:  Or something?

They:  Well what do you think?  I told you, now you tell me.

Me:  The problem with that reasoning is that if McCain is so concerned about Obama's lack of experience, then why did he choose a vice-presidential running mate with the same or less experience as Obama?  It must not really be a big issue for him.

They:  That's interesting...  but Obama still scares me.

Me:  Whatever.

Can someone help me out and enlighten me on what is so damn scary about Barack Obama?  Am I being naive? Am I missing something and should I be scared, too?  Is it the Harvard education?  The living in Chicago?  The fact that he's a White Sox fan?  What?  Taxes, health care, abortion, foreign policy, his alleged liberal-ness?  Specifically, what?

I realize that there may be some racial undertones to this election (imagine that) and that he has a funny name and that he lived in Indonesia when he was 8 years-old, but can any of this be as scary as having an old man in charge while the VP is an airhead who cannot read a newspaper?  

In fact, in the 2 or 3 decades I have participated in political discussions, I cannot remember ever hearing the word "scary" to describe a candidate so many times.  Somebody please tell me why.


Eric said...

What are you High? He is black....

Black = scary to 'them'

delilah said...

Uhm -- have you seen those clips on youtube of the McCain-Palin events? They are essentially KKK clan rallies in which the bottom feeders of society (i.e. the Republican base) scream out racially-coded epithets about Obama and the Viper, Palin, nods and winks in agreement. She is then followed by McCain posing the question "Just who is Barack Obama" -- a clear dog whistle intended to evoke racially-charged fears and suspicion of "the cultural other." Quite frankly, McCain is now running the most vile campaign I've ever seen in my life.

Stated differently, Obama is scary because some ignorant and parochial types feel uncomfortable with "the cultural other" and the McCain-Palin ticket is doing everything possible to exploit that suspicion.

Anonymous said...

Eric is right! It is because he's "black"(and half white). And it scares the Rep,"s that he is well educated.