Friday, October 10, 2008

Jimmy Rogers' comments

(paraphrased from CNBC Europe Television):

"The stabilization techniques are absurd.  Of course there is no confidence.  The people in charge have been wrong, so why would we listen to them now?

My holdings now are Cash, Japanese Yen , Swiss Franc.  I covered some shorts today.  Equities won't come out on top.  Buy commodities because they will come out unimpaired.. and Yen and Franc.

It's outrageous that anybody needs to bail out the incompetents on Wall Street, the guys driving Maseratis.  The way to solve this is to let people go bankrupt.  The unsound people should go out of business.

We're going to have to take some pain.  Be realistic.  Nobody has confidence in our leadership, the same guys who missed all the signs.

The G7 needs to let us who are sound alone and the system will be rebuilt.  If they act too much, they will unleash an inflationary holocaust on the world.

Why should China, Singapore and Japan jump into the breach to risk their reserves to save those countries who took too much risk with too much leverage.  They have reserves and they should save themselves.

US fed policies and fiscal policies... they will ease and they will devalue their own currency and while it looks deflationary now, it will be inflationary eventually.

Everything is being liquidated now in the US and the way to profit is to own the things that have not been impaired... commodities."

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