Sunday, October 12, 2008

ENOUGH! Governor Palin needs to go

Sarah Palin abuses her power of office... and then has the bile to lie about what the report actually says!!  Unbelievable.  Does she actually think voters are that stupid (don't answer that.)  I can understand taking issue with the findings, but the report actually does say that she abused her power.  (See page 8 of the report):

This is really beyond the pale.  She needs to slink back to her Arctic backwater and face the charges.  Here's Palin's quote:

“I’m thankful that the report has shown that there was no illegal or unethical activity there in my choice to replace our commissioner, a partisan kind of process [note--LIAR] that had been undertaken by some of the legislators who haven’t been real happy with anything that I’ve done along the way as governor, that process is now over, with that finding that I haven’t done anything unlawful in replacing the commissioner.”
"There was no abuse of authority at all in trying to get Officer Wooten fired. "

This was not about a personal indiscretion, this was about her conduct in office.  The legislative body that called for the investigation voted unanimously and they were three-quarters Republican.  The independent investigator was not a partisan (unlike Ken Starr in the Clinton investigation), but rather a well-respected counsel.

Governor Palin is not only an embarassment to Mr. McCain and the Republican party, she is also an embarassment to her family, the state of Alaska and the public school system that could produce such a cretinous intellect.

Keep her out of my government.  If she is elected, I will refuse to pay her salary.

As a further affront, John McCain's campaign manager is floating the same bullshit, see Glenn Greenwald.

These folks truly have no conscience.

(If there are any family and friends out there still planning to vote for McCain/ Palin, I would deeply appreciate letting me know the specific reasons.  I'm not being argumentative, I just really want to hear the reasons so that when I look back four years from now to do the post-mortem on our country, I will have more information.  It seems I can find hardly anybody today who will cop to having voted for Bush in 2004, let alone give me reasons for that vote.)

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